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Anesthesia, Algology, Emergency and Intensive Care
Consulting, services, training and trade
Ambulances Ground Transport Consulting Home Health Care Consulting Hospital Construction Hospital Design Consulting Managed Care Consulting Hospital Equipment Consulting Health Management & Administration Consulting Hospital Services Information Systems Consulting Healtcare Systems Public Consulting Healthcare Systems Private Consulting Hospitals & Facilities Associations Medical, Scientific, Technical or Institutional Care of patients referred from Latin America
Hospital Construction Contract Manufacturing OEM Scale Designer /Manufacturer /Supplier Medicines Urgent Shipment Medical Equipment Leasing, New Medical Equipment Leasing, Reconditioned & Used Teaching Aids
Training Materials, Audiovisual Metrology and calibration of medical equipment Medical Missions Latin America Education Nursing Education Medicine Organizers Education, Hospital Administration-Management Education, Laboratory Science-Technology Organizers Health Educational Services Organizers Hospital Administration Training Seminars Organizers Education, Surgical Seminars Medical Device Training Seminar Organizers Medical Conference Organizers Medical Exhibitions & Trade Show Organizers Hospital Services Turnkey Projects Medical Publications Medical Equipment Buy-Sell Networks, Surplus Goods Medical Equipment Buy-Sell Networks, New Equipment Medical Equipment Buy-Sell Networks, on Internet Medical Equipment Buy-Sell Networks, Pre-Owned Products Health Insurance Delivery Services, Medical Equipment-Supplies, Air Financing Services
Services for the health sector Medical Equipment Repair & Service Ground Delivery Services, Medical Equipment-Supplies Healthcare Services Tailor-made Solutions in ITC and Consulting Auctioneers and adjusters of health services Refurbished medical equipment supply Medical Equipment Replacement Parts, Radiology-Ultrasound Medical Equipment Replacement Parts, Instruments Medical Equipment Replacement Parts, Equipment Carriers Medical Device
Cardiology and angiology
Angioscopes Training Aids Hemodynamic Monitoring Training Aids Arrhythmia Recognition Loops Vascular Cables-Leads ECG ECG Calibrators Cardiographs Cardiographs Impedence Catheters Arterial Catheters Cardiac Catheters Cardiac Balloon Catheters Cardiac Ablation Catheters Cardiac Angiography Catheters Cardiac Dye Dilution Catheters Cardiac Pericardium Drainage Catheters Cardiac Electrophysiology Catheters Cardiac Septostomy Catheters Cardiac Valvuloplasty Catheters Coronary Artery Catheters Vascular Angioplasty Catheters Vascular Embolectomy-Thrombectomy Cannulae Cannulae Arterial Cannulae Aortic Cannulae for Vena Cava Catheter Injection Implantable Ports Intravenous Line Connectors Needleless Strippers Vein Defibrillators Implantable Defibrillator-Cardioverters Defibrillator-Cardioverters Implantable Defibrillator-Cardioverter-Pacemakers Implantable Defibrillators-Pacemakers Implantable Dilators Vascular and Valvular Circulatory Assist Units Electrocardiographs Electrocardiographs Single-Channel Non Interpretative Electrocardiographs Multichannel Interpretative Electrocardiographs Multichannel Interpretative Signal-Averaging Electrocardiographs Multichannel Electrocardiographs Multichannel Non-Interpretative Signal Averaging Electrodes Defibrillator-Pacemaker Electrodes Electrocardiographic Electrodes Electrocardiographic Neonatal Electrodes Pacemaker Workstations Stress Exercise Cardiomyostimulators Scanners Long-Term Recording ECG Modular Facilities Mobile Cardiac Catheterization Catheter Introducers Emergency Kits Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Catheterization Kits Catheterization Kits Cardiac Catheterization Kits Central Venous Catheterization Kits Intravenous Pacemaker-Defibrillator Lead Extraction Kits Manikins Training Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Pacemakers Cardiac Pacemakers Cardiac External Pacemakers Cardiac Implantable Physiologic Monitor Modules Electrocardiography Physiologic Monitor Modules Invasive Blood Pressure Monitors ECG Arrhythmia Monitors Telemetric Electrocardiography (ECG) Paper Recording Echocardiograph Paper Recording ECG Catheter Tube Holders Prostheses Cardiac Valve Biological Resuscitators, Cardiac Resuscitators, Cardiopulmonary Recorders Tape Data Electrocardiography, Holter Recorders Tape Data Electrocardiography Continuous, Holter Recorders Electronic Storage Data ECG Cardiac Simulators Cardiac Simulators Heart Beat Cardiac Simulators Electrocardiography Cardiac Simulators Electrocardiography (ECG) Arrhythmia Physiologic Monitoring Systems Cardiac Catheterization Physiologic Monitoring Systems Cardiac Electrophysiology Physiologic Monitoring Systems Stress Exercise Physiologic Monitoring Systems Cardiac Stress Exercise Telephone Transmitter-Receiver Systems Electrocardiography Stents Vascular Leads Implantable Defibrillator Leads Implantable Defibrillator-Pacemaker Leads Pacemaker Scissors Surgical Vascular Trocars Cardiovascular Circulatory Assist Units Cardiac Circulatory Assist Units Peripheral Compression Cardiac Output Units Vectorcardiographs Venoscopes
Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Needles Injection Biliary Ducts/Cholangiograp Magnetic Resonance Imaging Pads Image-Enhancement Shields X-Ray Eye Shields Nuclear Radiation Batteries Mobile Radiographic Unit Shields X-Ray Shields X-Ray, Barrier Shielding Magnetic Field Shields X-Ray Gonadal Shields X-Ray Thyroid Surface Coils Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Calibrators Radiopharmaceutical Beds Electric Radiography-Fluoroscopy Beds Hydraulic Radiography-Fluoroscopy Beds Mechanical Radiography-Fluoroscopy X-Ray Film Changers Plates/Roll X-Ray Film Changers Cassette Stretchers Mobile Hospital Radiographic X-Ray Film Cassettes Cyclotrons Cameras Identification Collimators Gamma Camera Collimators Radiographic Workstations Radiology Workstations Gamma Camera/Single Photon Emission Tomography Counters Scintillation Radiation Counters Radiation Survey Meters Geiger-Muller Radiation Survey Meters Ionization Chamber Rotor Controllers X-Ray Tube Timers Radiographic-Fluoroscopic X-Ray Film Darkroom Bins Densitometers
Detectors Beta-Gamma Radiation Counters Gamma Digitizers Film Digitizer Recorders Video Image Storage Devices Fluoroscopic Compression Devices Radiology Phototiming Devices Radiographic Radiographic Quality Control Devices Radiographic Quality Control Devices X-Ray Generator Radiografic Quality Assurance Devices Detectors Blood Flow Ultrasonic Dopplers Dosimeters Radiation X-Ray Film Duplicators X-Ray Tube Assemblies Darkroom Entrances Radiographic MRI Compatible Equipment/Accessories Phantoms Mammographic Phantoms Bone Mineral Density Phantoms Nuclear Medicine Phantoms Radiographic Phantoms MRI Phantoms CT Ultrasound Phantoms Filters Radiographic Photometers Photometers Filter Microscopy Radioactive Sources Cameras Gamma Gel Ultrasonic Coupling X-Ray Generators Shields X-Ray Glove Printers Video Printers Dry Processing Laser Dry-Processing Thermical/Sublimation Printers Modular Facilities Mobile Radiography Modular Facilities Mobile Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Modular Facilities Mobile Mammography Modular Facilities Mobile Computed Tomography (CT) Modular Facilities Mobile Ultrasound Image Intensifiers Diagnostic Imaging Contrast Media Injectors Syringes Plunger and Disposables Contrast Media Diagnostic Imaging Angiographic Kits Spill Kits Radioactive/Cytotoxic Material Nuclear Imaging Kits Safelights X-Ray Shields X-Ray Apron Electrical Markers X-Ray Power Meters Ultrasound Contrast Media Radiology Contrast Media Ultrasonographic Lasers Beam Imaging Media Tables Imaging Tables Nuclear Medicine Tables Nuclear Medicine Stress Exercise Tables Imaging Ultrasound Tables Imaging Radiographic Tables Imaging Radiographic-Fluoroscopic Mixers X-Ray Film Chemistry Monitors X-ray Tube Position Shields X-Ray Mask View Boxes X-Ray Film View Boxes X-Ray Motorized X-Ray Fim Cassette Screens Pantallas para diagnóstico general Pantallas para mamografías Pantallas quirúrgicas Enclosed Passages to X-Ray Dark Room Test Patterns Radiographic X-Ray Film Cine X-Ray Film X-Ray Film Cassette Holders Racks Apron X-Ray Pediatric Patient Positioning Orthopedic X-ray Patient Positioning Radiology Patient Positioning Electronic Image Processors X-ray Panel Protector Projectors Cine Radiopharmaceuticals Grids Radiographic X-Ray Film Processors Automatic X-Ray Film Automatic Handling Equipment Daylight X-Ray Film Processors Manual X-Ray Film Labelers Radiology Sensitometers Radioaerosol Administration Sets Chairs Radiography-Fluoroscopy Data Analysis Systems Ultrasound Thyroid Uptake Systems Computer Aided Detection Systems (CAD) Computer Aided Detection Systems (CAD) Mammographic Scanning Systems Gamma Camera Scanning Systems Gamma Camera Single Photon Emission Tomography (SPECT) Scanning Systems Computed Tomography-Positron Emission Tomography (CT-PET) Scanning Systems Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Products Video Systems Fluoroscopic Scanning Systems Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Silver Recovery Systems Recorders Tape Video Radiological Image Scanning Systems Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning Systems Computed Tomography Axial (CTA) Scanning Systems Computed Tomography (CT) Electron Beam Scanning Systems Computed Tomography (CT) Spiral Tomosynthesis Systems Ultrasound Systems
Doppler Color Ultrasound Systems Compact Doppler Color Ultrasound Systems Image Digitization Systems Image Digitization Systems Angiographic/Cardiovascular Image Digitization Systems Computed Radiography Image Digitization Systems Portable Systems for administration / disposal of xenon isotopes Radiographic Systems Radiographic Systems Film Radiographic Systems Digital (DR) Radiographic-Fluoroscopic Systems X-Ray Film Storage Envelopes Software for clinical thermography X-Ray Film Processing Chemical Solutions Ultrasound Transducers and Accessories X-Ray Tubes Replacement X-ray Tubes Replacement CT Tubes Tubes Computer Tomography (CT) X-Ray Film Storage Units Fluoroscopic Units Portable Radiographic Units Radiographic-Fluoroscopic Systems Cardiovascular-Cardiac Catheterization Radiographic Units Mammographic Radiographic Systems Digital Mammographic Radiographic Systems Digital Mammographic 3-D Radiographic Units Chest Radiographic-Fluoroscopic Units Radiographic-Fluoroscopic Units Mobile C-Arms Radiographic-Fluoroscopic Systems Angiographic-Interventional
Laboratory, Pathology and Blood Bank
Fittings-Adapters Sharpeners Needle, Scalpel, Microtome Knife Laboratory Analizers
Point-of-Care Analyzers
Cabinets Storage Medicine Narcotic Control Cabinets Storage Laboratory Labware Basic Disposable Labware Basic Reusable Aspirators Autopsy Scales Autopsy Scales Clinical Laboratory Scales Clinical Blood Collection Double Boilers Baths Tissue Flotation Bilirubinometers Body Bags Pumps Laboratory Dishes Petri Hoods Chemical Fume Centrifuges Centrifuges Tabletop Centrifuges Tabletop High-Speed Microhematocrit Centrifuges Tabletop Ultrahigh-Speed Centrifuges Floor Centrifuges Blood Bank Cytometers (Cell Analyzers) Freezers Laboratory Freezers Laboratory Ultralow Temperature Freezers Blood Plasma Freezers Blood Bank Counters Cell Specimen Containers Cuvettes Cover Glass Microscope Slide Aprons Laboratory Densitometers Laboratory Desiccators Demineralizers Diluters Diluters Blood Cell Dispensers Liquid Laboratory Lancing Devices Blood Lifts Mortuary Laboratory Safety Equipment Tissue Embedding Equipment Spectrometers Spectrophotometers Autopsy Stations Racks Drying Racks Mortuary Racks Test Tube and Adapters Slides Stainers (Microbiological and Others) Filters Bacteria Water Purification Filters Particulate Fluorometers Jars Jars Dressing Hematofluorometers Swabs Microwave Ovens Plasma-Thawing Ovens Laboratory Laboratory Incubators Modular Facilities Mobile Blood Bank Jars Forceps Blood Donor Sets Diagnostic Test Kits Fast Diagnostic Test Kits Blood Culture Kits Sampling Kits Blood Gas Sampling Kits Blood Sampling Kits Blood Fetal Scalp Lancets Blood Sinks Autopsy/Dissecting Sinks Laboratory Washers Labware Washers Microplate Washers Pipette Bunsen Burners pH Meters Tables Autopsy-Dissecting Tables Dissecting Tables Blood Donor Mixers Clinical Laboratory Mixers Blood Tube Microscopes Electronic Microscopes Light Laboratory Microscopes Light Laboratory Stereo Microtomes/Cryostats Furniture/Casework Laboratory Monitors Laboratory Carbon Dioxide Monitors Laboratory Temperature Dry Ice Makers Samplers Environmental/Laboratory Pipettes Pipetters Slides Microscope Blood Collection Protective Tube Holders Culture Media Preparators Automatic Tissue Processors Blood Cell Processors Pipette Tips Reagents Reagents Chromatography Reagents Electrophoresis Reagents Molecular Assay Reagents Hematology Reagents Immunoassay Reagents Immunohematology Reagents Microbiology Reagents Home Test Kits Reagents Clinical Chemistry Reagents Serology Refractometers Laboratory Refrigerators Blood Bank Refrigerators Laboratory Explosion Proof Refrigerators Morgue Refrigerators Laboratory Refrigerators Laboratory Multiuse Dryers Labware Saws Autopsy Filtration Systems Electrophoresis Systems Thermographs Laboratory Dyes (coloring) Reagents Strip Tonometers Blood Gas Test Tubes Tubes Centrifuge Tubes Blood Collection Tubes Blood Microcollection Sterilizing Units Agar Analyzers Point-of-Care (POC) Whole Blood Glucose (Glucometers)
Materials, instruments and basic supplies
Medical Chart Holder Accessories Endoscope-Camera Adapters Fiber Laser Adapters Adhesives Topical Skin Adhesives Needles Needles Aspiration Needles Aspiration/Injection Needles Biopsy Needles Injection Needles Injection Subcutaneous Port Needles Blood Collection Guide Wires Wires Bone Cotton Rolls Cotton Balls Defibrillator Paddle Pads Linen Protection Pads Eyewear Safety Germicides Antiseptics Training Aids Dressings Dressings Nonadherent Dressings Cavity Wound Dressings Burn Aspirators Low Volume Aspirators Nasal Aspirators Neonatal/Pediatric Aspirators Wound Aspirators Ultrasonic Bedpans Binders Abdominal Binders T Binders Breast Binders Chest Binders Wrist Binders Ankle Trays Trays Food Trays Wheelchair Baths Bedrails Gowns Gowns Isolation Gowns Patient Batteries Endoscope Laundry Bags Enteral Feeding Bags Drainage Bags Enema Bags Ice Bags Urinary Collection Bags (Adults Infant) Medical Bags Breathing Bags Stomy Bags/Pouch and Accessories Bath Boots Bottles Hot-Cold Water Bottles Drainage Identification Bracelets Intravenous Training Arms Cables Fiberoptic Cables-Leads Calipers Hoods Hoods Oxygen Battery Chargers Charts Anatomical Charts Bed Catheters Catheters Femoral Catheters Nasal Oxygen Catheters Nasopharyngeal Catheters Wound Irrigation Catheters Urinary Catheters Vascular Catheters Vascular Infusion Catheters Vascular Microflow Catheters Vascular Occlusion Catheters Vascular Perfusion Catheters Vascular Blood Pressure Catheters Vascular Umbilical Brushes Endoscope Cleaning Brushes Cleaning Instrument Multiuse Tapes Adhesive General Purpose Tapes Adhesive Adhesive Strips Hypoallergenic Adhesive Strips Waterproof Tapes Gauze Self-Adhering Straps Electrode Breathing Circuits Breathing Circuits Oxygen Administration Chambers Environmental Commodes Cannulae Aspirating/Suction Cannulae Nasal Cannulae Venous Blankets Blankets Fire Blankets Forced-Air Blankets Circulating Fluid Blankets / Wraps Burn Cushions Commode Seat Collectors Collectors Urine Intravenous Poles Compresses Moist Heat Compresses Gauze Compresses Cold PVC compounds Ports Injection-Infusion Counters Intravenous Drop Containers Containers Liquid Oxygen Sterilization Containers Waste Receptacles Electrode Straps Covers Shoe Finger Cots Aprons Tongue Depressors Disinfectors Disinfectors Pasteurization Detergents Ultrasonic Cleaning System Tuning Forks Dispensers Unit-Dose Liquid Dispensers Soap Dispensers Fluid Extrication Devices Sterilization Packaging Disinfectors Liquid Germicide Flexible Endoscope Intravenous Administration Sets Back Rests Specula Sponges Sponges Gauze Excavators Explorers Hospital breast milk extractors Filters Filters Air Scales Infant Liners Covers Mattress Gloves Liners Covers Microscope Covers Arm Board Covers Pillow Protective Forceps Sterilizer Transfer Drugs Splints Splints Vacuum Splints Moldable Splints Molded Splints Pneumatic Splints Traction Gel Electrode Gloves Gloves Utility Gloves Medical and Surgical Gloves Examination-Treatment Laser Fiber Guides Endoscopic Needles Guides Swabs Absorbent-Cotton Sterilization Process Indicators Sterilization Process Indicators Biological Cuffs Inflators Endoscopic Inflation Bulbs Pressure Infusors Needles Introducers Injectors Hand-Held Injectors Medication-Vaccine Syringes Syringes Cartridge Recessed-Needle Blood Collection Needle Sets Pressure Monitoring Extension Tubing Sets Pressure Monitoring Tubing Sets Infusion Pumps Administration Sets Infusion Controllers Administration Sets Blood Administration Sets Dressing Kits Irrigation Kits Irrigation Kits Wound Irrigation Kits Bladder Thermometers Kits Oxygen Administration Kits Urinary Catheterization-Collection Kits Tracheostomy Care Kits Infant Care Kits Enema Kits Enteral Feeding Kits First Aid Kits Suction Kits Transfusion Kits Cleaners Antimicrobial Cleansers Gel Stopcocks Loupes Hoses Compressed Gas Cuffs Blood Pressure Cuffs Tourniquet Hammers Percussion Hammers Neurological Physical Infrastructure Material Shielding Shielding Radio-Frequency Stockinettes Stockings Compression Mitts Patient Masks Masks Air-Oxygen Nonrebreathing Masks Air-Oxygen Partial Rebreathing Masks Air-Oxygen Venturi Masks Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation Training Masks Eye Masks Resuscitator Masks Tracheostomy Masks Tracheostomy Aerosol Administration Airway Mask Bag Unit Masks Air-Oxygen Masks Air-Oxygen Aerosol Administration Urinals Diapers (Adult & Pediatrics) Basins Basins Sponge Basins Wash Incontinence Pants Incontinence Pants Retention Liner Paper Recording Paper Photographic Paper Examination Table Sterilization Process Test Packs Batteries Hearing Aid Tweezers Pharmaceutical Products Shields Needles Guards Shields Splash Face Cast-Bandage Waterproof Protectors Finger Protectors Mouth Guards Domes Pressure Transducer Suction Tips Canisters Aspirator Collection Wheelchairs Wheels Sheets Drape Sheets Examination Table Training Simulators Fluid Control System Unit-Dose Packaging Systems Irrigation-Distention Systems Probes Tubes Drainage Probes Oximeter Probes Thermometer Probes Ultrasonic Basin Stands Restraints Restraints Arm Restraints Body Nasogastric Tube Holders Caps Luer Lock Thermometers Thermometers Mercury Thermometers Electronic Thermometers Electronic Infrared Thermometers Electronic Infrared Ear Tents, Oxygen Tents Mist Adhesive Strips Tourniquets Tourniquets Strap Tourniquets Pneumatic Tubing Conductive Tubing Latex Tubing Polyethylene Tubing Polyvinyl Chloride Tubing Silicone Tubing Vinyl Tubing Flex Tubing Nonconductive Tubing Oxygen Connection Tubes Connecting Tubes Suction Tubes Gastrointestinal Tubes Nasal Tubes Feeding Tubes Gastrostomy Tubes Rectal Tubes Stomach Evacuator Tubes Jejunostomy Heating Units Cold Pack Chilling Units Urinary Collection Units Precision Measurement Cups Medicine Bandages Pressure Bandages Gauze Bandages Self-Adherent Bandages Elastic Tubular Bandages Cotton Tubular Bandages-Dressings Adhesive Catheters Flush Valves Continuous
Hospital furniture, infrastructure and medical equipment
Aerators Ethylene Oxide Alarms Alarms Occupancy Alarms Bed Occupancy Alarms Central Gas System Pillow Speakers Speech Amplifiers Analyzers Environmental/Gas System Incubator - Radiant Warmer Analyzer Communication Aids Communication Aids Patient-Staff Patient Transfer Aids Arm Rests Cabinets Cabinets Storage Bedside Cabinets Treatment Anesthesia/ENT/Ophthalmology Cabinets Filing Cabinets Storage Instrument Cabinets Storage Medicine Cabinets Treatment Aspirators Cast Cutter Vacuums Treadmills Trays Skin Scrub Trays Medicine Rails Wall Service Rails Prefabricated Screens Bedside Shields Mechanical Pumps Infusion Pumps Infusion Pumps High Flow Warming Infusion Pumps Syringe Infusion Pumps Micro Infusion Pumps General Purpose Infusion Pumps Multichannel Infusion Pumps Ambulatory Vacuum Pumps Central Pumps Inflating Infusion Pumps Ambulatory Insulin Pumps Enteral Feeding Pumps Alternating Pressure Pad Scales
Cabinets Biological Safety Cabinets Biological Safety Class II Beds Beds Electric Beds Electric Vertical Folding Beds Electric Tilting Beds Electric Low Air Loss Beds Electric Alternating Pressure Beds Electric Rotation Beds Electric Circular Revolving Beds Electric Obese (Bariatric) Beds Fixed Beds Fixed Fluidized Air Beds Fixed with Rails Beds Fixed with Rails Adult Beds Fixed with Rails Pediatric Beds Fixed Neonatal Beds Hydraulic Beds Mechanical Beds Mechanical Neonatal Beds Mechanical Pediatrics Stretchers Stretchers Mobile Stretchers Mobile Hospital Stretchers Mobile Ambulance Stretchers Mobile Hospital Patient Transfer Stretchers Portable Stretchers Portable Basket Capnographs Carts Scooters Powered Carts Isolation Carts Instrument Carts Mortuary Carts Housekeeping Carts Medication Carts Linen-Laundry Carts Food Service Carts Service-Utility Carts Red Complete Resuscitation Equipment Oxygen Canisters or Cylindres Medical Gas Cylinders Plugs Explosion Proof Plugs Hospital Grade Chambers Isolation Chambers Reverse Isolation Hyperbaric Chambers Mattresses Mattress Low Air Loss Mattresses Vacuum Mattress Alternating-Pressure Mattresses Bed Mattresses Stretcher Service Columns Prefabricated View Boxes Compressors Compressors Medical Air Oxygen Concentrators Infusion Controllers Ventilator IMV Controllers Curtains Cubicle Curtains Shower Clocks Elapsed Time Timers Digital Trays Impression Covers Bedrail Covers Camera Crib Tops Kick Buckets Bassinets Defibrillators Monitors Defibrillators Monitors Pacemakers Oxygen-Air Proportioners Dosimeters Dosimeters Nitrous Oxide Ambulance Supplies Lifts Radiology Lifts Patient Lifts Wheelchair Lifts Patient Transfer Laundry Equipment Equipment for protection and electrical safety Sphygmomanometers
Height Rods/Stadiometers/Height Measurement Devices Racks Bedpan Racks Apron Medical Charts Racks Racks Instrument Stethoscopes
Fume Evacuators Flowmeters Flowmeters Blood Ultrasonic Flowmeters Gas Power Supplies Electrical Light Sources Microscope Cabinets Warming Cabinets Drying Oxygen Generators Ozone Generators Acoustic Rooms Radio-Frequency-Free Rooms Humidifiers Humidifiers Room Humidifiers Heated Humidifiers Heat-Moisture Exchange Incinerators Incubators General Care Incubators Infant Incubators Infant Transport Modular Facilities Mobile Insufflators Spill Kits Mercury Sinks Sinks Examination/Treatment Washers Cart Washers Laundry Washer-Decontamination Units Bedpan/Ancillary Utensil Air Cleaners Lights Lights Perineal Heat Lights Overbed Lights Examination Spot Lights High Intensity Lights Examination Ceiling Mounted Lights Ultraviolet Germicidal Oxygen Meters Pressure Meters Digital Power procedure tables Elevating Table Tables Overbed Tables Examination-Treatment Fixed Mixers Hospital Furniture/Casework General Purpose Hospital Furniture/Casework General Purpose Modular Hospital Furniture/Casework Nursing Station Hospital Furniture/Casework Pharmacy Hospital Furniture/Casework Patient Room Monitors Environmental Ionizing Radiation Monitors Compressed Air/Gas Monitors Bedside Respiration Exhaled Carbon Dioxide Monitors Bedside ECG Monitors Bedside Blood Gas Monitors Bedside Blood Gas Transcutaneous Monitors Bedside Blood Gas-pH Monitors Bedside Blood Gas/pH, Extracorporeal Monitors Bedside Blood Pressure Monitors Bedside Pulse Monitors Bedside Respiration Monitors Bedside Respiration Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Monitors Bedside, Respiration, Inspired Oxygen Monitors Bedside Respiration Carbon Dioxide/Oxigen Monitors Bedside Respiration Airway Temperature Monitors Bedside Respiration Ventilation/Apnea Monitors Bedside Respiration Apnea Monitors Bedside Temperature Monitors Bedside EEG Monitors Bedside EEG Spectral Display Monitoring Systems Physiologic Neonatal Multiparameter Physiologic Monitors Monitors Ventilation Monitor/Controllers Oxygen Mounts Ventilator Samplers Environmental Air Gas/Vapors Nebulizers Oxygenators Oximeters Oximeters Pulse Pass-Throughs Enclosed Percussors Weights Balance Precision Testers Plug Protectors Resuscitators Resuscitators Pulmonary Refrigerators Food Walk-in Refrigerators Pharmacy Intravenous Flow Regulators Calibrated Regulators, High Pressure Gas Regulators Suction Regulators Suction Thoracic Respirators Sanitizers Signs Safety Dryers Medical Air Sensors Oxygen Chairs Bath Commode Seats Chairs Shower Chairs Examination-Treatment Chairs Examination-Treatment Ophthalmic Chairs Examination-Treatment Otorhinolaryngology Chairs Blood Drawing Chairs Patient Transfer Chairs Patient Transfer Stair Chairs Medical Compressed Air Systems Warming Units Patient Forced Air Warming-Cooling Units Patient Power Systems Electrical Power Systems Isolated Power Systems Uninterruptible Power Systems Emergency Headwall Systems Prefabricated Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Monitoring Systems Physiologic Nurse Call Systems Water Purification Systems Water Purification Systems Deionization Water Purification Systems Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems Ultraviolet Supports Oxygen Canisters IV Pole Holders Wheelchair Supports Arm Supports Leg Supports Torso Gas Cylinder Stands-Holders Ventilators Condensate Traps Power Surge Suppressor Hospital Grade Fountains Eye-Face Wash Stools Adjustable Stools Adjustable Bedside Floor Mats Receptacles Hospital Grade Medical Gas Outlets Transformers Warming Units Warming Units Blanket Warming Units Gel Warming Units, Patient Warming Units Blood-Solution Autotransfusion Units Warming-Cooling Units Waste-Disposal Units Waste-Disposal Units Sharps Sterilizing Units Sterilizing Units Dry Heat Sterilizing Units Liquid Sterilizing Units Vapor Sterilizing Units Steam Tabletop Sterilizing Units Steam Bulk Sterilizing Units Steam-Ethylene Oxide Bulk Sterilizing Units Ethylene Oxide Washing Units Washer-Sterilizing Units Oxygen Units Liquid Individual Cooling Units Dryers Breathing Circuit Oxygen Delivery Units Controlled Pressure Measuring Units Pressure Measuring Units Esophageal Pressure Measuring Units Inspiratory Pressure Measuring UnitsCompartmental Microscopes Contrast Enhancement Units Vibrators Valves Valves Demand Valves Positive End Expiratory Pressure Valves Medical Gas and Vacuum Valves Nonrebreathing
Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
Crutch Tips Rubber Pillows Pillows Cervical Pillows Lumbar Heating Pads Pressure Pads Pressure Pads Alternating Pressure Pads Air Pressure Pads Gel Pressure Pads Foam Crutch Pads Walkers Adjustable Width Walker-Chairs Nonwheeled Walker-Chairs Wheeled Walkers Standard Walkers Side Walkers Wheeled Training Aids Orthopedic Arthroscopes Swallowing Aids Baths Whirlpool Baths Paraffin Physical Therapy Hydrotherapy Arm Baths Hydrotherapy Leg Baths Parallel Bars Drills Bone Canes Pedestal Base Adjustable & Fixed Length Ergometers Bicycle Exercisers Bicycle Meniscus Scalpels Cast Scalpels Cast Boots Slings Arm Slings Patient Transfer Slings Leg Slings Knee Calipers Orthopedic Orthopedic Footwear Footwear for diabetics Beds Electric Flotation Therapy Beds Fixed Orthopedic Beds Fixed Flotation Therapy Beds Mechanical Flotation Therapy Carts Orthopedic Supply Cement Orthopedics Support Straps Sternal Straps Traction Straps Lumbosacral Nails Bone Commodes Wheelchair Cannulae Arthroscopy Drainage Cushions Foot Cushions Wheelchair Collars Cervical Collars Ice Straps Clavicle Dynamometers Orthopedics Cement Dispensers Exercisers Exercisers Arm Exercisers Neck Exercisers Finger Exercisers Back Exercisers Shoulder Exercisers Hand Exercisers Continuous Passive/Active Motion Exercisers Leg and Ankle Exercisers Respiratory Exercisers Trapeze Exercisers Chest Exercisers Climbing Electrodes Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Stimulators Electrical Neuromuscular Incontinence Elevators Orthopedic Crutch Hand Grips Ergometers Footstools Two/Three-Step Footstools Exercisers Stairs Scanners Long-Term Recording EEG Backrest Wheelchair Stimulators Caloric Physical Therapy Stimulators Electrical Stimulators Electrical Brain Stimulators Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulators Electrical Neuromuscular Diagnostic Stimulators Electrical Peripheral Nerve Analgesic (TENS) Stimulators Mechanical Stimulators Ultrasonic Exercisers Wrist Forceps Bone Wheelchairs Brakes Burs Surgical Bone Lights or Generators Infrared Goniometers Guides Gigli Saw Blades Cast Cutter Immobilizers Cervical Intravenous Catheter-Needle Immobilizers Immobilizers Arm Immobilizers Elbow Immobilizers Whole Body Immobilizers Shoulder Immobilizers Wrist Immobilizers Knee Immobilizers Ankle Immobilizers Immobilizers Infant Implantation Instruments Orthopedic Implants Insufflators Arthroscopic Lights Ultraviolet Lasers Diode Bioestimulation Cast Material Cast Stockinettes Traction Units Tables Examination-Treatment Adjustable Orthopedic Tables Examination-Treatment Adjustable Orthopedic Traction Tables Examination-Treatment Adjustable Physical Therapy Massage Machines Physical Therapy Crutches Wheelchair Tires Osteotomes Orthopedic Hot Packs Cold Packs Moist Heat Therapy Packs Bone Bolts Plates Cranioplasty Plates Bone Prostheses Arm/Hand/Leg Wheelchairs Ramps Headrests Wheel Locks Wheelchair Retractors Orthopedic Rotators Orthoses Arm Orthoses Hip Orthoses Elbow Orthoses Back Orthoses Wrist Orthoses Foot-Ankle Orthoses Leg Orthoses Knee Pinwheels Spreaders Plaster Saws Surgical Bone Wheelchairs
Orthopedics External Fixation Systems Spinal Orthopedics Internal Fixation Systems Spinal Orthopedics Internal Fixation Systems Fracture Irrigation-Distention Systems Arthroscopic Implants Joint Trial Implants Joint Trial Implants Implants Joint Knee, Femoral, Patellar or Tibial Component Implants Joint Hip Implants Joint Hip Total Implants Lower Limb Implants Joint Toracic Member (Elbow, Shoulder, Hand) Ultrasound Therapy Systems Ultrasound Therapy/Neuromuscular Stimulation Systems Physical Therapy Ultrasound Therapy Systems Physical Therapy Stereotactic Systems Orthopedic Surgery Arthroscopic Shaver Systems Dynamometers Exercise Systems Computerized Probes Arthroscopy Casting Stands Orthopedics Supports Arch Supports Hot-Cold Pack Head Halters Cast Walking Heels Tanks Full Body Scissors Orthopedic Ankle Braces Screws Cranioplasty Plate Screws Bone Heating Units Hot Pack Electrotherapeutic Units Ambulation Support Units Magnetic Units Therapeutic Shoes Cast