Software for quality assurance in radiography Ocean 2014

Software for quality assurance in radiography Ocean 2014

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RTI developed Ocean 2014 , an X-ray quality assurance software that speeds up the total workflow process and minimizes time in the X-ray room.

With this software you can plan measurements from your desktop, create checklists, add information such as a pop-up window for a specific exposure and include instructions to simplify your work.

Measured data can be automatically captured into the Ocean 2014 database, with the ability to re-measure previously stored measurements, and can be exported to excel spreadsheets.

By using the Quick Check In mode during measurements, parameter values are displayed on the screen, which speeds up your work. Quick Check In mode is touchscreen friendly and is included when you purchase a Piranha device from RTI.

The professional version that comes with the Black Piranha offers a powerful workstation with keyboard and mouse for job planning, as well as adequate lighting and display in the x-ray room to quickly get all measurements done. It is compatible with tablets.

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